Field Services

A professional and effective field services team is a crucial part of the collections cycle for our utility, banking, mortgage and insurance clients. Our field agents are the best in the business when it comes to treating customers fairly whilst delivering superb results, in compliance with the highest ethical and professional standards.

arvato Financial Solutions have a field division (circa 150 staff) based in Warrington for home visits, court warrants, supply isolations, status reports and reconnection visits’.

It is our view that your business is our business, and we work hard to live up to these words as we believe in the power of a brand to sell, inspire loyalty and encourage goodwill – and we strive to protect your brand as we do our own.

The Field division conclude over 35,000 visits per month nationwide (on behalf of the major UK utility providers and a number of the major retail banks), with full coverage across the UK.

Our service offering includes live customer re-connection, address verification, occupancy reporting, status reporting, property reports, card collection, status enquiry, pre-disconnection visit, occupancy verification, and mortgage arrears visits in both unsecured and secured debt portfolios. These are all supported by a 300-strong call centre and cutting-edge technology.

We have invested heavily in hand-held technology to allow our agents to record information about a site visit if they are unable to make direct contact or to update accounts in real-timeOur agents also have the ability to assist customers to make payments from our mobile devices. In addition to this, GPS trackers enable us to time-stamp each visit and location, to provide a totally accurate and secure reporting and audit trails on our agents’ field activities.

This technology used in the field service allows full compliance with data protection legislation, and enables us to maintain our reputation as working to the highest standards of ethics, professionalism and respect when in contact with customers.