No matter how challenging, we’ve got your back

Corporate Culture

No matter how challenging, we’ve got your back.

We are diverse, but we think and act alike. This is because we believe in the same company purpose and share the absolute will to bring added value to our clients in each and every of our operations.

Our vision

To be the backbone for seamless and secure financial transactions between businesses and consumers around the world.

In creating the most trusted and reliable environment out there, we make life easier for our clients and at the same time, enable them to grow their business today, tomorrow and far beyond.

Our mission

We optimise the financial performance of our clients through leading-edge credit management solutions.

By replacing uncertainty and risk with structure and trust, we empower sound financial transactions around the globe.

Our data-driven and process-obsessed experts are dedicated to creating next-level solutions, enabling us to stand proudly behind businesses and to give them the best possible platform for growth.

Act client-centric

through being a strategic partner to our international clients and providing them with efficient credit management solutions that ensure long-term value creation for their business and in turn, contribute to a well-functioning economy.

Deliver insights

through predictive analytics, leading-edge platforms and big data, that provide our clients with superior forecasting and decision making, and in turn, make sure they're always one step ahead.

Provide solutions

by looking at a challenge from multiple perspectives, cutting through the complexity and providing smart, integrated platforms that digitally transform and ultimately optimise our clients’ financial performance.

Unleash the potential

in each of our experts. By creating a unique, trusting and motivating environment for our teams, we will unlock the entrepreneurship, passion and know-how living in our employees and constantly inspire them to do even greater things.

Foster collaboration

as well as cross-functional knowledge exchange, offer an open mind and a helping hand and see the “synergistic effect” in action throughout all teams.