Corporate History

How it all began...

The origins of Arvato Financial Solutions date back to the year 1961. Back then, an idea with far-reaching consequences was born in the accounting department of Vereinigte Verlagsauslieferung (VVA): The idea was that receivables from bookshops would be purchased from publishing firms as soon as they arose. Since then Arvato Financial Solutions has grown to an international, leading financial service provider trusted by millions of customers every day. Nowadays, 4,900 experts are delivering efficient credit management solutions in around 15 countries around the globe.

Strategic partnerships accelerate growth


The acquisition of 3C leads Arvato Financial Solutions to a leading position in the German insurance market with a fully automated claims management process for insurers.

With the investment in the behavioural biometrics pioneer SecuredTouch Arvato Financial Solutions accelerates fraud prevention solutions.

Arvato Financial Solutions acquires a majority stake in Credify Informationsdienstleistungen GmbH, thus strengthening the establishment of another strong credit reporting agency in Austria.

Investments in growth platforms



Minority investment in German FinTech banking platform solarisBank which lead in first instance to the development of a new financing solution that allows online vendors to cover outstanding invoice amounts through a framework loan.


Majority shareholding in Brazilian financial services provider Intervalor as an important milestone in fostering the Arvato Financial Solutions’ Brazilian and South American focus.

Minority investment in the MF Group


In 2016 Arvato Financial Solutions invested in the Swiss market leader in ecommerce B2C factoring, the MF Group Factoring AG, and accelerated the expansion of factoring services in Switzerland.

Joint venture Intervalor


With the joint venture with Intervalor, a leading Brazilian company for credit management, debt collection, back-office and CRM solutions, Arvato Financial Solutions extended its market presence to Brazil.

Acquisition of AfterPay


Arvato made further advanced its payment footprint by the incorporation of the Dutch payment method AfterPay in January 2014. Since then Arvato Financial Solutions has been able to provide its clients with a verified, European wide payment-after-delivery service for online merchants, while taking over credit and fraud risk. Allowing to focus on their core business and relying on a single provider in DACH, Benelux and the Nordics.

Establishment of Arvato Financial Solutions


The incorporation of the Gothia Group demanded one umbrella brand for all global activities – Arvato Financial Solutions was born and has been since then the brand for all international operations.

Financial services entering the North-European market


In 2013, Arvato Financial Solutions achieved another important milestone: the incorporation of Gothia Financial Group. Not only did this mark Arvato’s most significant takeover to date, but it also accelerated the expansion of our financial services offering in the North-European market.

Growth and Globalisation


The project »On a growth course to the future« launched in 2010, led to the development of new business services divisions such as risk service solutions, Trustn’Pay for the eCommerce department, and the HIS database in the insurance department. In addition to our organic growth, the years 2010 and 2012 saw the strategic acquisitions of Credit Solutions and Riser ID.

Merging with InFoScore


Merging with InFoScore in 2005, and later on taking over the minority shares, not only extended the financial services by incorporating the entire risk management department, it also gave Arvato Financial Solutions the breakthrough it needed to become a leader in the German speaking market.

Breakthrough into the healthcare market


Another milestone followed in 2004 with the purchase of a dental and medical billing company. This was our breakthrough into the healthcare market – today BFS health finance GmbH operates in this area.


Collection Services under the Flag of Financial Services

Bertelsmann's debt-recovery company, Central Inkasso, was incorporated into Bertelsmann Finanz Service GmbH.


Foundations of Credit Risk Management

With the creation of InfoRate GmbH, the company entered the information business, which later merged into the Credit Risk Management segment.


Start of international B2C Accounting

In 1995, the forerunner of Arvato Financial Solutions, Bertelsmann Finanz Service GmbH, took on subscription billing, accounts receivable and payment processing in several countries for the joint venture founded between Bertelsmann and AOL Inc., AOL Europe.



Boost address management services

The joint venture with Deutsche Post Adress leads to German market leader position for address management solutions.



Start of Financial Services & Factoring

With the idea of Vereinigte Verlagsauslieferung to offer factoring for publishing firms that purchase receivables from bookshop as soon as they arose, Financial Services were born.