Recent Press Releases

12 February 2020 Press Releases
Revolution for the energy industry: Collection solution from Arvato...
Baden-Baden, February 10, 2020 - Arvato Financial Solutions combines its expertise in dunning and receivables management with the innovative platform solution of the energy start-up powercloud.
15 January 2020 Press Releases
Thalia extends with Arvato Financial Solutions
Thalia will continue to rely on the services of the international financial services provider in risk and collections in the coming years.
8 January 2020 Press Releases
Arvato Financial Solutions supports Kassel children's and youth farm
Arvato Financial Solutions is donating this year's Christmas donation to the children's and youth farm in Kassel and is not only providing financial support, but is also actively involved.
20 December 2019 Press Releases
Arvato Financial Solutions and Swiss Post Join Forces to Simplify...
Arvato Financial Solutions and Swiss Post have agreed to enter into a strategic partnership and to found cinfoni (Customer Information Network Intelligence).
2 December 2019 Press Releases
Cyberweek 2019: Transaction numbers in online trading reaching record...
The so-called Cyber Days around Black Friday have come to an end and German online retailers are successfully completing the popular discount week.
8 October 2019 Press Releases
"Nbdy is perfct" - Arvato Financial Solutions with special job...
Arvato Financial Solutions uses a special job advertisement to target applicants with reading, spelling or arithmetic problems. The international financial services provider works closely with the...
24 September 2019 Press Releases
Arvato Financial Solutions and FinTecSystems are cooperating
Faster lending, fewer payment defaults, increased conversion rates and more convenience for consumers - these are just some of the advantages offered by the Digital Account Check.
31 July 2019 Press Releases
Claims service provider 3C receives established industry award
Erfurt / Heilbronn, 31 July 2019 - The claims management experts at 3C from Arvato Financial Solutions have received an award for their outstanding service quality.
26 June 2019 Press Releases
There's no better way - infoscore austria gmbh takes 1st place in the...
Vienna, 27.06.2019 - After the Austrian subsidiary of Arvato Financial Solutions took second place at the first attempt last year, this year it won first place in the customer satisfaction analysis...
24 June 2019 Press Releases
Arvato Financial Solutions develops "Know Your Customer" platform
Arvato Financial Solutions initiates the development of a digital "Know Your Customer" platform with the goal of significantly relieving companies and banks.
17 May 2019 Press Releases
Investing in the digital future - Arvato Financial Solutions...
Christoph Eichhorn, Björn Niederfranke, Rolf Hellermann
1 April 2019 Press Releases
Customer-friendly payment method without default risk: Takko Fashion...
Takko Fashion integrates AfterPay