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Rich content solutions to digitally transform the future of customer interaction.

RISE is a secure customer interaction platform which offers customers a more convenient method to interact with your business compared to traditional communication methods.

How can RISE be used?

RISE platform is extremely flexible and allows your storyboards to stay up to date and relevant to both your customer and your business.

We have designed the underlying infrastructure to support any use of the application you can imagine. We will work with you to make sure that the solution fits around your business and brand needs, whilst enabling a smooth customer experience.

  • Meter readings – we can set up reminders for your customers to be prompted to enter their readings into the service whenever you require and allowing them the autonomy to do so.
  • Payment requirements – RISE has the ability to send out and process payment reminders to your customers, whilst being fully secure and PCI DSS compliant.
  • Survey – Finding out how your business and agents are performing is key to understanding the needs of your customer. RISE offers a fully customisable survey and analytics solution to assist you in improving your customer’s journey.
  • Secure PDF delivery – sending out vital information to your customers in a form that they are quickly able to engage with is a vital in this technological age. We can securely deliver invoices, bills, updates, or any number of documents you may wish to send to your customer.


Campaign Management

Our state of the art campaign management software allows real time views of your campaign where you can see current sending and pacing status of interactions, add or remove records and even pause and resume campaigns when needed.

As with the customer site, campaign management has been built with the same key principles such as simplicity of use, convenience, and security thus creating an environment which promotes autonomous use.


Analytics and reporting

Keeping your business fed with information is key to ensuring you make the right decisions at the right time. We will empower you with real time information and a reporting package backed up with a market leading analytics engine.

Our team of analysts will be available to help with development of your storyboards as our relationship grows. We will be constantly monitoring how your campaigns respond and suggest new ways you could enhance your customers journey.


4 ways RISE will benefit your business:

  • Personalised brand Our tailored storyboards are designed to be intuitive, responsive and uniquely moulded around your brand.
  • Safe and secure We employ state of the art firewalls and SSL /TLS encryption to give you the peace of mind that RISE cares just as much about your customers’ data as you.
  • Not intrusive and instinctive to use Storyboards are built with your customers in mind. We use the latest web development methodologies to ensure your interactions work flawlessly on any device and browser.
  • Putting your customer first Enhanced customer journey through convenient personalised interactions.



Find more information about our secure customer interaction platform at My-Rise by clicking the link below. 

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