Early Arrears

Early Arrears

Retain Customers & Optimise Returns

We are able to identify our clients’ unique requirements through target-oriented analysis and detailed consultancy, allowing us to provide them with a partnership that maximises results without jeopardising the prospect of future business from their customers. In taking this approach, the potential for optimisation can be identified and the most efficient solutions implemented.

A delayed payment does not necessarily mean the end of a good customer relationship. Hi-tech forms of communication and flexible payment options not only secure prompt settlement of debt, but can actually help strengthen customer relations. An optimised Dunning process, therefore, plays a key role in receivables management as it avoids the additional costs of collections at the later stages of the process.

Our focus always remains on maintaining the long-term relationship between our clients' business and their customers, even in the event of a default of payment. In order to handle the communications process in the most cordial and efficient manner, it is usually necessary to take a targeted approach towards how we address our clients’ customers and create an IT environment that enables, for example, the control of contact channels and tonality. Personalised digital solutions are just as important for the payment and settlement of an overdue balance as a tailored and comprehensible Dunning message, all of which helps ensure the client’s brand is being represented correctly in the market place.

Arvato is able to provide customised solutions for early arrears debt collection in order to target customers directly and achieve the best possible outcome. These include:

  • White labelled and Arvato branded early arrears and pre-charge off processing;
  • Customer complaint management;
  • Managing customer vulnerability and financial hardship;
  • Inbound and outbound calls as payment reminders and customer advice;
  • White labelled and Arvato branded activities – such as letter, email, SMS etc.;
  • Digital collection platforms - for example RISE;
  • Provision of innovative and popular payment methods;
  • Agile and digital process design and implementation;
  • Handling of open receivables;
  • Transfer to final / debt collection

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