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Field Services

Effective field services to maximise results

Attempts to make contact with customers via our office based collection methods – phone, email, SMS, RISE, etc. - do not always realise the immediate results we are hoping for. When this happens we send one of our specialist field agents to visit the customer to discuss the current financial situation with them and seek to establish a solution to maximise the chances of recovering the monies owed. This field visit process is generally the last resort before taking further action against the customer, which may include a requirement for legal action or warrant of execution.

Our field agents and managers all receive comprehensive training, and assessment to ensure they are conversant with our field services processes and procedures. Agents are also trained on specific client requirements, compliance and most importantly, they are equipped with the right knowledge and skills to Treat Customers Fairly. Specific forms of training and assessment can be developed to meet the clients’ requirements. Given the nature of our business many of our customers are likely to be dealing with difficult situations and are therefore at a heightened risk of vulnerability. We draw on a wide range of sources of information and guidance to ensure that the best possible outcomes are achieved for customers in potentially vulnerable situations

The field collection service we provide includes live customer re-connection, pre-disconnection, warrants, affordability assessment, occupancy and status verification visits. We adhere to industry best practice field standards and technologies - for example, our handheld devices allow real-time location, voice, data and image recording. We are an experienced and innovative partner capable of delivering numerous benefits to your business. These include:

  • The latest hand-held technology ensures site visit information and account updates are being recorded in real-time;
  • Increased efficiency through Robot Process Automation and digital processes;
  • Our Achilles B2 accreditation provides peace of mind to clients and customers that they are dealing with a trustworthy and reputable business;
  • A proven track record in field services with UK-wide coverage, including remote areas.

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