Panel Manager

Panel Manager

Do you know how good your current Collection Servicer is?

Panel Manager is an account placement and management system that maintains control over the outsourcing, information flow and management of accounts to external agencies for the duration of the collection lifecycle. Extensible, interoperable and scalable, it leverages the capabilities of Microsoft .NET and SQL Server technologies to deliver a highly automated, flexible and configurable system.

The system has been designed and developed in-house to minimise the administrative involvement when outsourcing large volumes of debt to third party suppliers. Furthermore, it provides the basis for increased collection performance focussed around the ability to champion / challenge suppliers and adjust allocation levels accordingly. 

The Panel Manager system can be supplemented by our value added solutions including; query management, data cleansing, data appendage and propensity to pay scoring. Panel Manager can also serve as an account audit tool, allowing client users to view transaction and placement history for individual cases. It is augmented by a reporting tool, which allows data to be consolidated, processed in the required format and delivered automatically via encrypted transmission at regular intervals.

Our Panel Manager system offers a variety of operational benefits, which include:

  • Enables rapid deployment of varied collections strategies;
  • Quick and easy access to a diverse agency panel, to drive performance via competition;
  • Dedicated query portal, allowing efficient resolution of disputes;
  • Fully viewable user front end for account audit purposes;
  • Dynamic MI reporting pack for a transparent view of debt liquidation performance;
  • Our CRM can be applied to the appropriate agencies within the panel as required;
  • Allows clients to deal with business critical decisions, not management of agency relationships;
  • Robust compliance and auditing framework ensures customer interests are protected;
  • The ability to quickly and easily make placement decisions based on performance data;
  • Increased collections through advanced segmentation;
  • Increased liquidation through constant performance management of agencies.

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