Probate Services

Probate Services

Assisting family members and executors to finalise financial affairs of a loved one who has passed.

We offer a comprehensive service to support organisations with the management of their probate recovery process, assisting family members and / or executors to finalise the financial affairs of a loved one who has recently passed away. Every aspect of our process for probate recovery is designed to enhance the reputation of our clients and ensure that the best possible outcomes are being achieved for their customers who are going through such a difficult time.

Key features of the probate recovery process we offer include access to our high performance technical platforms and the knowledge held by our specialist team of resources that enables them to manage these accounts with the necessary level of understanding and compassion.

These resources receive significant training, development and management support, all of which is delivered on an ongoing basis. This enables them to fully understand the complications associated with the probate recovery process and assist the deceased customer’s family members and / or estate manager in resolving this process with the minimum of delay.

We draw on a wide range of information sources and guidance to ensure that satisfactory outcomes are being achieved for customers dealing with vulnerable situations, such as those grieving following the loss of a close family member. Strong learning and development support is key to ensuring the appropriate identification, management and review of all vulnerable customers.

Our aim is always to be there for our customers and guide them through this difficult process. It is because of our many years of experience we are able to bring clarity to the probate process, ensuring our customers receive the best possible service at all times from people who genuinely care about them and understand their needs at what is always a difficult time.

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