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Join Arvato Financial Solutions as a professional and you can really spread your wings.  As one of Europe’s leading providers of integrated financial services, we’re always in touch with the latest B2B trends. Our company is international, innovative and growing constantly. For our team, that means one thing above all else: plenty of freedom and the opportunity to explore new ideas. After all, we’re not content to stick with the status quo.
If you’ve already gained plenty of experience and professional expertise, you could benefit from the many opportunities for advancement and development offered by an internationally active company that’s part of Bertelsmann. Other things our employees really value include our family-friendly working practices, comprehensive corporate benefits, a strong team spirit and a friendly working atmosphere.

innovate yourself.

Selected Areas of Operation

Receivables Management (written / by phone)


IT Specialists


Sales Specialists






Your new colleagues – in their own words

Senior HR Consultant

“I started my Industrial Business Management course at Arvato Financial Solutions in August 2006 and completed it in January 2009. During my course, I was already assigned a position in the company, starting out as a secretary and assistant to the Head of HR. In May 2010 I moved to HR Support in the Collection division at Verl and progressed through increasingly advanced and responsible duties. At the same time I took additional Chamber of Commerce qualifications in HR Management. At the moment I’m a Senior HR Consultant with responsibility for a range of specialist areas including IT and Market, and some departments such as Commercial, HR and Marketing. I really enjoy working in a young, dynamic environment and playing an active part in shaping our operations.”

Mareen Schmits

Key Account Manager Collection

“After studying Economics, in July 2013 I started at Arvato Financial Solutions in the position of Assistant to the Management. As well as working on operational and strategic projects, I was able to support the Customer Service team in a variety of customer-related areas from an early stage. I’ve now been a Key Account Manager in the Collection division since January 2015, and support several customers in the field of telecommunications/digital business models at our Verl and Baden-Baden offices. I also coordinate sales activities for new customer acquisition. What I like best about working here at Arvato Financial Solutions is that I was entrusted with responsibility early on in my career, and have been able to advance my personal and professional skills in the years since.”


Michael Botta

Vice President TIME (Telekommunikation, Information, Medien, Entertainment)

“I joined Arvato Financial Solutions in August 2008 as a legal advisor / project manager in their Collection division. In 2009 I took on a Key Account Management project, which helped me to develop further. By July 2011 I had full responsibility for all customers in the telecommunications sector, and am currently Vice President TIME (Telecommunications, Information, Media, Entertainment). What fascinates me most about Arvato Financial Solutions is their hands-on mentality; the philosophy is ‘Just do it’.”

Florian Lampe

Teamleader IT


“I started my dual education course in Engineering, majoring in IT, at aFS in September 2004 and graduated in September 2007. I was immediately taken on as Junior Software Developer for the in-house collection system, and from 2010 I worked my way up from specialist team coordinator to Team Leader IT, with disciplinary management responsibility. The great thing about working at Arvato Financial Solutions is the variety; even after ten years, I’m never bored. There’s still something new to explore every day.”

Daniel Dietrich

Team Leader Receivables Management

“I started off as a Receivables Management clerk in 2013 and was Team Leader of a team in Arvato’s German Receivables Management operations by 2015. I really enjoy my job at Arvato Financial Solutions because I have the chance of working independently on developing solutions, in an environment that offers lots of exciting challenges. Another great thing is that after I finished my training I quickly got the chance to achieve my career goals, and when I decided to continue my studies part-time, I had the support of the company.”

Jasmin Reck

Department Head of Banking (Collection)

“I started my career as a data analyst in our purchasing entity. In 2012 I became Team Leader of the Business Intelligence department at our German Collection division. After taking parental leave, I was part-time Department Head of the Banking unit in our Collection division. I think my career is the best example of how work and family can be combined thanks to flexible working hours.”

Diana Meier

Our Values

Bertelsmann Essentials

At Arvato Financial Solutions, our corporate culture is based on Bertelsmann Essentials, a catalog of goals and values for all employees, executives and partners of the company. partnership, Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Citizenship are the cornerstones of our corporate culture. Our executives are committed to living and breathing these values, and to communicating them by serving as role models.


Our corporate culture is based on a mutually beneficial partnership between our employees and the company. Motivated individuals who identify with the company and its values are the driving force behind quality, efficiency, innovation and growth within our corporation. The hallmarks of our participatory leadership approach are mutual trust and respect as well as the principle of delegation of responsibilities. Our employees enjoy autonomy to the greatest extent possible. They receive comprehensive information and participate in decision-making and our financial success. We are committed to the professional development of our employees and seek to provide long-term employment.


The principle of decentralization is at the heart of Bertelsmann’s management philosophy. It enables our employees to act with flexibility, responsibility, efficiency and entrepreneurial freedom. Our operating businesses are run by managers who act as entrepreneurs: They enjoy considerable independence and bear full responsibility for the performance of their companies. Our executives act not only in the best interests of their individual businesses, but are also committed to the interests of the group as a whole.




We provide a home for artists, authors and creative talents in all of our fields of business, promoting their creative development and commercial success. We advocate and strive for the protection of intellectual property on a worldwide basis. We promote artistic freedom and freedom of thought, the protection of democracy and human rights, and the respect of traditions and cultural values. Consequently, the content we provide reflects a wide range of viewpoints and opinions. Continuous innovation and improvement, guided by customer needs and interests, are the cornerstones of our success.




The continuity and development of Bertelsmann as an independent entity is ensured by the Verwaltungsgesellschaft (Bertelsmann Management Company) control of the majority of voting rights. In the view of our shareholders, the possession of property creates an obligation to the community. They believe that, in a market economy, a corporation derives its legitimacy from making a valuable contribution to society. The work of the Bertelsmann Stiftung – to which the majority of Bertelsmann shares has been contributed – is also guided by this principle. Our businesses are managed in accordance with the spirit and the letter of the law. They maintain high standards of ethical conduct and act responsibly toward society and the environment.


Our Additional Benefits - Your Advantage

Our Appreciation

• Business-specific bonus and reward schemes
• Performance-related pay
• Profit-sharing scheme
• Employees Recruit Employees bonus
• Recognition of long-standing employees

Enhancing Flexibility

• Family support
• Flexible working hours
• Company pension
• Company social services

We Take Responsibility

• Patronage of regional social projects
• Partnerships with schools
• Donation drives
• Partnership with debt counseling sevices


Your Health

• Medical Check 50 plus
• Health drives with interesting offers
• Corporate health insurance company (BKK)
• Special conditions for sporting activities
• Company bicycle
• Company medical service
• Flu jabs
• Sick pay top-up

Corporate Benefits

• Cafeterias
• Staff discounts
• Birthday vouchers
• Communication forums
• Prize draws for tickets to regional events
• Extensive job offers

Working Together – Celebrating Together

• Summer and Christmas parties
• After-work parties and anniversary celebrations

Corporate benefits may vary depending on location.