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Our specialists analyse and evaluate portfolios. Our professional data mining and portfolio monitoring activities form the basis for key decisions and for the advice we provide to our customers.

You’ll also use your analytical skills to help our customers with digitalisation activities. Thanks to your ability to analyse situations and solve complex problems using data-driven business intelligence, you’re just the person to deal with challenges on behalf of our customers. You’ll use your logical, inquisitive approach and the latest technology to help increase conversion rates and minimise risks for e-commerce providers. Together with a team of great colleagues, you’ll spend every day exploring new solutions and winning formulas for our customers, whether they’re regional companies or major multinationals.

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Nanodegrees for Analysts and IT Specialist

Bertelsmann is known to invest in educational activities, most recently through a significant increase in its participation in Udacity, an innovative online education provider in Silicon Valley. With topics such as robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data or analytics and data science, we offer our employees high-quality further training with aware of the market development.

Manuela Brooks, cross border collection manager in the International Operations department, participated in a Udacity course called "Nanodegree data foundations " and reported:

"Data Foundations " is highly recommended for all passionate mathematicians, statisticians or IT Specialists to gain a general understanding of data evaluation and data analysis. The critical analysis of reports and the knowledge why evaluations are not comparable were also interesting and informative content. The Nanodegree prepares the students for the Business Analyst course and provides an overall great approach to the subject of data. Prior knowledge is not mandatory, but a proven affinity and enthusiasm are very useful.

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