Gain professional experience while you’re still studying

It’s incredibly motivating to know exactly what you’re studying for. Students who do internships with us work independently on customer projects, applying their newly acquired theoretical knowledge. We offer internships and ongoing positions as student employees to those studying economics, computer science, mathematics and other scientific or technical subjects. You’ll get to know the different departments of one of Europe’s leading integrated financial service providers – and the different kinds of work we do. You’ll also discover your own unique strengths and interests into the bargain. This will make it easier for you to decide on the right career, as well as looking great on your CV and opening doors for you. And if you want to, you can also research and write your dissertation while you’re working with us.

Innovate yourself.  


An internship at Arvato Financial Solutions can provide insights into many areas and be the launching-pad for your future career:

Duration:      3-6 months

Time:             Before or during your studies, or between a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree  (Bertelsmann Gap Year)

Location:      Throughout Germany

Are you studying

  • IT (focus: Application Development) or Business Informatics
  • Economics (focus: Finance & Taxation, Finance & Controlling or Banking)
  • Law or Paralegal Studies (focus: Collection Law/Data Protection)  

or related subjects? Contact us – we look forward to hearing from you!


Placement Students

Why wait? Join Arvato Financial Solutions as a Placement Student and work on interesting projects from our day-to-day operations in parallel to your studies:

Duration:      6-18 months

Time:             You can complete student placements during your regular studies  

Location:      Baden-Baden

As a placement student, you have the chance to combine theory and practice while you study. At the same time, you build networks with colleagues and superiors, and establish great prospects for your professional future at Arvato Financial Solutions.

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Are you nearing the end of your studies and seeking an innovative company to supervise your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis? If your thesis addresses a commercial or technical aspect from the world of  financial services, we offer you the chance of expert thesis supervision while you gain a comprehensive overview of our fields of operation at Arvato Financial Solutions.

Duration:      Flexible

Location:      Baden-Baden

Are you studying:

  • IT (focus: Application Development) or Business Informatics
  • Economics (focus: Finance & Taxation, Finance & Controlling or Banking)
  • Law or Paralegal Studies (focus: Collection Law/Data Protection)  

or related subjects?  We look forward to receiving your proactive speculative application, giving your proposed thesis topics.


We keep our promises

The Fair Company Initiative is the largest and best-known employer initiative in Germany for students and career starters. Fair Company businesses offer valuable practical experience to up-and-coming employees, by committing themselves to recognized quality standards and verifiable rules. As a special feature of the Initiative, participating companies voluntarily undertake to comply with Fair Company rules. Feedback from student participants has enhanced the transparency and credibility of the Initiative since 2013. For career starters, the Initiative thus offers proven guidance in their search for fair working conditions. We are proud that our treatment of our employees has been honored with this title, and look forward to welcoming you to our Fair Company.

Your new colleagues – in their own words

Placement Student

“What I like best about my student placement is the opportunity to apply my theoretical knowledge in practical tasks, as part of a young, dynamic team.”

Lisa Maier

"My time as a placement student was shaped by my helpful, friendly colleagues, who always took time for me and my questions. The enormous trust that was placed in me during my placement, and the tasks that resulted from it, enabled me to gather wide-ranging experience – and this proved to be more useful in my later career than what I learnt during my actual studies."

Daniela Wagner

Bachelor’s / Master’s Thesis

“As part of my Master’s course at the HR Department at Arvato Financial Solutions, I have the option of working on a real-life project instead of just carrying out the usual duties assigned to interns. I can also take on wide-ranging tasks from daily HR routine, like drawing up employment contracts and employee references. The working environment in the department and in general is really friendly. When I think of my time at Arvato Financial Solutions, I think of fun, wellbeing, challenges, and variety. My experience of studying in the HR department convinced me even more that I want to work in the field after graduating.”

Nora Schmitt


Our thanks for your trust