You would like to obtain confidential personal information regarding your credit rating?

Personal credit information

Personal confidential credit information

Every consumer has the possibility of obtaining confidential personal information regarding the data stored on them as well as the score values sent to any companies that may have requested information on the consumer in question.

As of 1 April 2010, in accordance with Federal German Data Protection Act [Bundesdatenschutzgesetz ("BDSG")], one such inquiry can be made free of charge every year. As provided for under this law, fees may be charged for further inquiries during the course of a year if the prerequisites defined in Section 34 (8) of the BDSG are fulfilled.

Please keep in mind that we may only issue such confidential personal information if the following information is provided in writing:

  • surname and birth name, if applicable
  • first name(s)
  • date of birth
  • current address (a post box address is unacceptable)
  • previous addresses during the past 5 years (these increase the completeness of the confidential personal information)

The voluntary enclosure of a copy of your identification serves to identify you in our database and prevents possible queries regarding this. If you enclose a legible copy of your identification (both front and back of the card) you can blacken the information (e.g. ID number) that is not part of your full name, address and date of birth.

At infoscore Consumer Data GmbH, only the full name, date of birth and address(es) are stored (as well as any possibly existing entries on the consumer or score values that were sent to inquiring companies).

Please send all of the above information to the following address:

infoscore Consumer Data GmbH
Department: Data Protection
Rheinstraße 99
76532 Baden-Baden / Germany

or send us a fax with your personal data. Fax no.: +49 7221 5040-3201.

Please keep in mind that for reasons of data protection we are not allowed to give out any information on the telephone whatsoever, because it is not possible to identify you without any doubt on the telephone.

In your own interest, we request that in your application for confidential personal information you do not send us your personal data by means of insecure transmission, such as e-mail. Instead, please send it by post or fax.