infoscore Consumer Data GmbH

What does infoscore Consumer Data GmbH do?

As a credit agency, infoscore Consumer Data GmbH (ICD) is part of Arvato Financial Solutions's Risk Management sector. The Risk Management sector provides support for all risk-oriented decisions throughout the business relationship, e.g. by providing credit rating data and developing scoring solutions.

ICD has information on negative experience with payments, i.e. behaviour that does not conform to the contract. The basis of Arvato Financial Solutions's information services is formed by the ICD data pool, which holds approx. 40 mil. pieces of current information on the negative payment behaviour of over 7.8 mil. consumers. This information comes from industries working in fields of daily consumption, such as the mail-order business and banks.

Various data can be compiled under the heading of “credit rating information”: on the one hand, this is information on definite negative payment behaviour that has been clarified as such, for example from debtor registers or data from summary proceedings. With the help of a credit rating check, the creditworthiness of a potential customer can be investigated on the basis of existing information on their payment behaviour. The aim is to recognize customers relationships that carry a risk at an early stage so as to protect the entire community of customers, for example by offering this particular customer only low-risk methods of payment. For more than 90% of all consumers, the ICD database holds no information whatsoever on their payment behaviour, or so-called “negative information”.

On the other hand, so-called score values are also regarded as credit rating information.