Arvato ​provides services to hundreds of business customers from a ​broad ​spectrum of industries, countries and sectors. ​One of Arvato's core com​​petenc​i​​es​​ is ​its ​​wide-ranging, extensive know-how in the following key​ sectors.


Automobile manufacturers also have to keep up a fast pace in marketing their innovations. We are there to help with innovative service packages.


Banking & Finances

The classic USPs are becoming less and less important, and digitization is changing payment transaction methods and branch businesses. For banks, a stringent customer focus and innovative services are becoming increasingly vital.


Energy Suppliers

The energy market has very specific requirements – and we have just the right combination of skills, expertise and infrastructure to meet them.



Demographic change, major medical advances and increasing cost pressure all pose challenges for healthcare and its players. We develop tailor-made solutions for our customers, which are convincing.


Insurance Companies

Insurance companies that make consistent use of digitalization open up new channels to their customers – for top-quality service and new sales opportunities at all touchpoints.


IT & High-Tech

We understand the highly dynamic processes of the IT and high-tech sector as well as the complex interconnections of the sales and communication channels. And our task is to coordinate them in an integrated way.


Media & Entertainment

In addition to traditional media and their sales channels, there is an increasing demand for innovative products, digital distribution channels and hybrid business models. The challenge lies in successfully interconnecting analog and digital systems.


Public Sector

The main task of public administration is to solve political and social problems. Our services help them do this efficiently and effectively.


Retail & Consumer Products

Consumers expect innovative delivery options and seamless service at every point of contact. We link all partners, processes and systems together, making true cross-channel commerce possible.



Omni-channel marketing, wearable devices, mobile services, cloud computing – innovative pressure in the telecommunications sector is high. With us at their side, providers benefit from efficient, flexible solutions and more than 25 years of industry expertise.


Tourism & Airlines

Cost and innovation pressure is rising, price transparency is increasing, and customer loyalty is declining. We help tour operators set themselves apart from the competition with top-quality services.


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