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Cross-border e-commerce in the USA

Doing business in the USA

What works in one market doesn’t automatically guarantee success in another. Differences in competition, regulation, risk and consumer behaviour make it all too easy for your business to get lost in translation. So it pays to familiarise yourself with the local e-commerce landscape and the best risk and fraud prevention strategies.

The US is the West’s largest e-commerce market in both sales volumes and number of consumers. The US is a very mature e-commerce market, with well-established players. Getting noticed is no easy task, so a good entry tactic is to find a profitable niche market.

Download the Arvato Payments Review guide to the USA for insights and tips on how to succeed in this huge market.

While the American market is attractive, there are barriers to overcome such as trade restrictions, customs, and varying regulations in each of the 50 states.

Quick Facts: USA

eGDP: #6

The proportion of goods and services bought online in comparison to GDP.
The rankings stated come from e-commerce association Ecommerce Europe.

Mobile adoption: 60%

Smartphone use as a percentage of the total population.

Ease of business: #7

The higher a country’s ranking in the World
Bank Group’s Ease of Doing Business Index, the more business-friendly local
regulations are when establishing a presence there.

"Spanish speakers make up 12.9% of the population, and they appreciate shopping and dealing with customer service in their native language."

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