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Paladin Vendor Report 2020

A compass for fraud solutions providers

In the fight against fraud, the marketplace is developing as dynamically as the different types of fraud themselves; new services and solutions are emerging and established providers are being bought up or forming new partnerships. For companies, keeping abreast of the latest information and finding the right solution for their own types of fraud is often a very time-consuming activity, requiring in-depth and specialist knowledge. Each year, the Paladin Vendor Report puts relevant providers through their paces and presents its readers with neutral and sound guidance. Arvato Financial Solutions was also put under the spotlight in a comprehensive report on our fraud solutions. Read the Arvato Financial Solutions part now.

The masks worn by fraudsters or organisations from the darknet are getting more and more sophisticated. Industry-specific fraud is changing and growing rapidly

Fraud prevention systems do more than just go after the fraudsters

Let’s look at it another way: What if a professionally set-up fraud management system does more than just detect fraudsters? What if you could use it to give your loyal customers a seamless customer journey they can navigate really easily? What impact would it have on their conversions and sales, their internal costs, not to mention their satisfied customers? To start off with, you have to discard the one-size-fits-all strategy and establish an individual authentification process for every single transaction.

Therefore, check what you can still get out of your existing fraud set-up to meet the expectations of your customers

Companies can use these valuable customer insights not just in the authentification process, but also in product development, sales and marketing. Come to our fraud prevention workshop and find out how to find the right balance between high security standards and the optimal customer journey. To do this we identify what your individual types of fraud are and what specific weaknesses you may have in your existing fraud set-up.

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