APCOA Parking and Arvato Financial Solutions

Improve the customer journey together

Gearing up the collaboration to pave the way for barrier-free parking

If the European market for parking is ready for an improved customer journey, APCOA has the ambition and experience to get in the driver’s seat.

It all started back in 2017 when the Norwegian government passed new legislation for parking, enforcing barrier-free parking across the country. As Europe’s number-one parking operator, APCOA began developing an in-house solution to comply with the new legislation and took Arvato Financial Solutions on as their financial partner in this process.

- The introduction of ANPR created a need for new payment options, and Arvato's invoicing solution was key to making these options possible, says Jan Arve Kaldheim, Commercial Director at APCOA Parking.

Collaboration with Arvato Financial Solutions has created completely new business cases and revenue streams for APCOA.

Winner of European innovation award

And this hasn't gone unnoticed in the global mobility market. Last year, the European Parking Association called APCOA’s ANPR solution "the most innovative parking technology".

- In Norway, customers are early adaptors and hungry for new digital solutions, and we appreciate being able to operate in such a market with our award-winning technology, Kaldheim acknowledges.

Expanding to new markets

As a parking operator, APCOA works continuously to improve the customer journey and make parking more convenient for the customer. One aspect of this is to work proactively to introduce barrier-free parking beyond the Norwegian borders and across Europe.

- Legislation, legal requirements, and the focus on improving the customer journey vary greatly from country to country, but we have the necessary technology, expertise, and problem-solving skills to meet this challenge. We want to pave the way towards a "new normal" with barrier-free parking all across Europe, Kaldheim explains.

With APCOA's growth ambitions, the company is completely dependent on having partners who can adapt and develop new solutions that respond to their products.

- Arvato Financial Solutions has proven to be such a partner. We have grown together and will continue that growth as we team up to enter new markets, says Kaldheim.

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Sören Steckmest
Sören Steckmest
Vice President - International Sales