Business Transformation in e-commerce: Why optimal payment processes lead to success

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As part of their business transformation roadmap, many companies optimize their technical processes and digital interfaces. In e-Commerce, the invoice-to-cash process is one of the main trigger for a successful customer relationship. Therefore it should be consistently aligned with the needs of the buyer and combining a wide range of payment methods with real-time processes in the payment interface. For companies, clean bookkeeping in compliance with all regulations is also a priority.

Make or Buy?

Due to increasing process complexity and IT dynamics, many retailers are faced with the question of do it yourself or outsourcing. The keywords AboCommerce and Pay-per-Use take just as much space in answering this question as new payment methods and the necessary upscaling in shopping peaks. New business models can be implemented by external platform providers in a more agile way and thus significantly shorten the time-to-market.

We bring light into the dark

Benefit from the concentrated knowledge of two proven partners. Experts from Arvato Financial Solutions and Arvato Systems explain which criteria and influences should be in the spotlight when retailers decide to outsource the invoice-to-cash process.

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