Car subscription is now.
Who are the customers?

Car subscription is NOW.

Demand and market forecasts show a clear picture: the car subscription is coming. Who are the target groups and what are their preferences in terms of payment behavior?

What to expect? 


Everything we love: Facts, figures, data! #sigmamilieus

 Insights on payment behavior!

Mobility needs explained on the basis of daily routines of potential customers!


Combine finance & market expertise, methodical approach and some solid sources and get an interesting overview on short-term and mid-term customer needs in the automotive subscription segment.


New service models such as car sharing and car subscriptions are increasingly in demand.

Who are the prospects and who will they be in the future?

An analysis.

Questions? Just give us a call!

Sören Steckmest
Sören Steckmest
Vice President - International Sales