We asked 5964 consumers about subscription payments.

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Subscription Payments Consumer Survey 2022

The Subscription Payment Consumer Survey had 5964 respondents from the Nordics, Germany and the Netherlands. All are fully or partly responsible for the payment of the household subscriptions. Download the free study here!


Rolling out a consistent payment strategy

Leading subscription companies are constantly evaluating and optimising their payment flow. They use data to make decisions in areas such as checkout design and feature development.

This approach of ‘thinking beyond the transaction’ enables companies across international markets to grow even further and faster.

The results are significant:
Increased customer value
Higher conversion rates
Stronger customer relationships

Understanding local payment preferences

To continue to improve our understanding and develop the right solutions, we asked consumers in 6 Northern European countries about the wants, needs and barriers related to their subscription payments.

The results gave us an understanding of what’s needed to create customer-centric payment strategies.


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