Arvato Financial Solutions supports Kassel children's and youth farm

Arvato Financial Solutions is donating this year's Christmas donation to the children's and youth farm in Kassel and is not only providing financial support, but is also actively involved.

The area of the children's and youth farm, which the founders of the association leased from the city in 2007, is located in the middle of a densely built-up district of Kassel. Here, children and young people, especially from the Wesertor district, have the opportunity to spend their leisure time in an agricultural, ecologically oriented and pedagogically supervised area.
As co-founder Catarina von Schwerin knows, the goals of the association were clearly defined from the very beginning: "Our project promotes environmental awareness, social integration, basic qualifications and thus educational opportunities, democratic awareness and health in general among children and adolescents of all ages. For her and her team there was always one premise: "The children's and youth farm is a social and ecological offer that is aimed at really all children and young people. This is one of the reasons why the visit is free of charge."

The association is dependent on donations so that the children can continue to visit the farm free of charge. Arvato Financial Solutions made just such a donation of €20,000 this year.
The project was selected by the General Works Council, which had taken care of the Christmas donation project this year.
Britta Gröning, General Works Council Member at Arvato Financial Solutions, explains the reasons: "The way the entire team takes care of the children here and works with them to create something so important for their own development has touched us deeply. Through interaction, togetherness, but also the responsibility they are given for the animals, for example, they learn skills that will be valuable companions throughout their lives."

Therefore, the members of the general works council also agreed that, in addition to the donation, they also wanted to actively support the project on site. A total of 15 colleagues from different German locations travelled to the farm and worked there for two days. Among other things, a long fence was anchored and erected, for which intensive and preparatory activities had to be carried out beforehand. In future, this will offer the children protection from the neighbouring river Fulda. The workshop in the adjoining barn, where children and adults carry out daily manual work for the farm, was also set up and expanded with the help of the GBR.

The result at the end of the two days was impressive, as the video shows:

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