Thalia extends with Arvato Financial Solutions

Thalia will continue to rely on the services of the international financial services provider in risk and collections in the coming years. Above all, the high quality standards of Arvato Financial Solutions were the key factor in its selection as the largest retail bookseller in the German-speaking countries

After many years of cooperation, Thalia continues to rely on the services of the Bertelsmann subsidiary. The new agreement continues a long-standing collaboration with the Risk and Collection divisions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland - a long-lasting relationship that cannot be taken for granted in the eCommerce market, as Kai Kalchthaler, Managing Director of Arvato infoscore GmbH, which is responsible for Risk Management at Arvato Financial Solutions, knows: "Even in a fast-moving industry such as the eCommerce market, our focus is on maintaining customer relationships that last as long as possible. This long-term approach is a guarantee of success, especially with regard to the integrated approach of the financial services provider. "We can guarantee a perfectly coordinated customer experience like no other competitor by offering all areas from a single source. The knowledge gained from the respective areas is used to continuously optimize the entire customer journey," Kalchthaler continues. In this context, the in-house product Risk Solution Services also plays a central role. "The established industry solution offers our customers a high level of protection against payment defaults by continuously analysing risk management together with the customer and adapting it to his strategy," explains Kalchthaler. This is achieved not least through the experience and results of collection.

Despite smart risk management and customer-friendly dunning procedures, payment defaults are not entirely absent at Thalia either. "The optimization of collections, particularly in terms of user experience, is a key success factor in eCommerce," says Florian Lampe, Managing Director of the Collection division of Arvato Financial Solutions. In his view, first-class collection successes in dunning and debt collection would not contradict consumer satisfaction. "On the contrary, making it as easy as possible for consumers to make payments or contact us in the collections sector, while taking their individual needs into account, increases customer satisfaction and increases the returns in collections," explains Lampe. "In this way, Thalia's success in collections has increased by more than 30% in recent years. This is also possible due to the close cooperation with colleagues from the risk management department. In this way, knowledge gained in preliminary processes is directly incorporated into the design and optimization of procedures in collections.
After all, good customer relations are the basis for sustainable business in every e-commerce company, as Roland Kölbl, Managing Director and Chief Customer Officer at Thalia Bücher GmbH, emphasizes: "We are celebrating our 100th anniversary this year. Such steady success in this market is only possible by placing the customer at the center of everything we do". That's also what they expect from business partners, which is why they chose Arvato Financial Solutions. But the international character of the service provider was also a decisive criterion: "Being offered everything from a single source has proven to be a great advantage for us. The option of being able to use Arvato Financial Solutions' services across borders and with just a few central contacts for the entire DACH region is a significant added value for us," added Kölbl. The fact that Arvato Financial Solutions operates its own credit reference agency in Austria under the name Credify ultimately also helps in this context.
"The decisive factor for the extension of the contract was, however, primarily the way we work together. We see ourselves as partners who are growing together and will continue to consolidate and expand our respective significant market positions in the future," concludes Markus Steib, Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer at Thalia Bücher GmbH.