Solutions for E-Commerce

Solutions for E-Commerce

You want to protect your online shop from fraud and risk? As industry experts, we offer tailor-made solutions.

Maximize your earnings while minimizing risks

Arvato Financial Solutions offers risk solution services all over Europe, promising extensive protection and risk management that maximizes earnings that is individually adjusted to your requirements and easy to implement.

Our unique and personal approach to risk management entails your own personal Risk Manager taking over the continuous analysis of your risk management and support you in all matters concerning risk management.

- Risk and fraud prevention

Automated and rule-based risk and fraud prevention for protection against losses on bad debts ensures the success of your company.

- Active management of payment options

Improve customer satisfaction by giving your customer the choice to choose between all payment options available depending on the individual risk profile. 

- Dynamic limit management

Assess the risk and potential of your customers by developing and managing a dynamic limit through the use of external credit scores and available payment information. 

- Reporting

Real time reporting on all relevant KPIs gives you transparency throughout your risk management process, anytime and anywhere.

- Configuration instead oft programming

The modular structure of risk solution services gives you maximum flexibility: fast and uncomplicated adjustment of your risk management to changes in framework conditions.

Minimize risk within the ordering process

Upon entering individual order information, risk solution services - depending on the version - carries out an assessment of risk and potential based on different information: e.g. basket from the present order, payment history and credit report and fraud prevention scores. Applying a limit gives a recommendation for the mode of payment and returns it to the webshop. Thus, the customer can choose between all payment modes available for their individual risk profile. This active limit management considerably minimizes shopping cart abandonments, increases customer satisfaction and conversion rate and reduces the risk of fraud and payment defaults.

Your benefits

Increase revenues

Increasing conversion rate and customer loyalty by an intelligent management of payment options.

Avoid risk and fraud

Increasing selectivity by intelligent integration of your present and historic customer information.

Control cost

Improved cost management by configurable standard solutions in different versions and performance-based pricing.

How to avoid fraudulent orders in e-commerce

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