Solutions for Telecommunications

Solutions for Telecommunications

Data pool solutions for individual and industry-specific requirements

Data pool solutions for individual and industry-specific requirements

The telecommunications pool is a pool of closed data that is exclusively designed for telecommunications companies. Concurrently, the principle of reciprocity applies: the participating company can only receive information from the pool when it provides its own data to the pool.

Industry-specific prevention pool with homogeneous credit information

The telecommunications pool contains information on consumers with negative payment behaviour as registered by the participating companies. Consumers with negative characteristics are defined as those whose contracts were terminated due to the breach of the contract and for whom collection agencies were instructed to collect their outstanding debts, to which both private and business customers are treated the same. 
This industry-specific prevention tool finally allows telecommunications companies to use homogeneous credit information with the highest degree of selectivity for their industry.

Your benefits

Early identification

of customers with irregular payments in the telecommunications industry.

Avoiding fraud and multiple losses

e.g. due to consumer hopping of customers who are unwilling or unable to pay.

Minimizing defaults

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