Optimize your returns through innovative and customer-centric dunning

First party-collections

Retain customers, avoid collections and optimize return flows

The dunning process as part of receivable management is an important component of the order-to-cash process and serves to ensure the collection of accounts receivable. It comes into play once an invoice is not paid promptly and the creditor is entitled to send a payment reminder. This is usually done within the scope of commercial respectively pre-litigation dunning.

Delayed payment does not need to end a good customer relationship. Modern communication media, diverse payment methods, and flexible payment options will secure quick debt collection and rather strengthen the customer relationship. An optimized dunning process, therefore, plays a key role in receivable management, as it avoids the more expensive collection process.

Trust the experts

Target-oriented innovations and comprehensive advice

The focus should remain on maintaining the long-term relationship between companies and end customers even in the event of a default of payment. In order to handle it in the most customer-friendly and efficient manner, it is usually necessary to address customers in a targeted manner and to create an IT environment that enables, for example, the control of communication channels and tonality.  Individual and digital solutions are just as important for the payment and settlement of a delayed invoice as a tailored and comprehensible dunning message so that your brand is optimally represented. We provide you with customised solutions for first-party debt collection in order to target your customers directly.

Successfull dunning processes


- Multi-channel communication to improve the returns rate
- Digital platforms and diverse payment methods - including mobile ones
- Great communication with the end customer
- International team


- White label pay pages and user portals improve the customer journey
- Insights in real time
- Agile dunning supported by artificial intelligence, data science, and machine learning procedures


- Our holistic view of your customer management process provides you with important insights for improving risk assessment and payment methods
- We develop and test innovations on the basis of their usefulness so that they are available to you as genuine added value

Our Dunning Services

Full packages or components for the dunning process to run optimally

Every company is different - and therefore has different requirements for receivables management. That's why we put target-oriented analysis and detailed consulting first. In this way, potentials for optimization can be identified and the most efficient solutions can be implemented. In dunning, for example, these are the following services: 

  • Debtor service and management of payment receipts
  • Processing of customer complaints
  • Pre-collection/commercial dunning
  • Dunning calls: In and outbound calls as payment reminders and for customer advice
  • Written dunning, such as by letter, email, SMS, and Messenger
  • Provision of innovative and popular payment methods
  • Implementation of white label customer portals for simple payment processing via Paylink
  • Agile and digital process design and implementation
  • International handling of open receivables
  • If required: Transfer to collection



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