Digital Account Check

Digital Account Check

Simple loan application - maximum security: The German finance sector receives almost 25 million loan applications per year. However, in spite of a variety of optimisations in recent years, there has still been no fully automated process for processing these applications – until now.

We have developed a solution: the digital account check

The digital account check makes the loan application process easier – both online and in the branch. The solution allows the applicant to submit the relevant documentation for the transaction digitally and in real time. This can now be done without any change in media – unlike the old process, which often involved printing out statements, sending them by post and digitising them in the bank where complex checks were performed. This often led to the procedure being cancelled partway through.

The data is now also checked and thoroughly analysed in real time. A recommendation is then provided based on this analysis, allowing you to make a quick, safe decision on whether to accept the application. Your customers will also thank you for granting their loan application so quickly.

Digital account check is a fully integrated solution that can be added to the website of the bank in question and tailored to the bank’s individual needs.

Benefits for the lending bank

Secure loan decisions in real time

In-depth, comprehensive analysis of credit rating and credit-worthiness
Provides a basis for deciding whether to accept a loan application
Equally comprehensive analysis for both new and existing customers

Increased conversion rate

No changing between media
No need to digitise submitted documentation
Access to digital account data

Benefits for the applicant

Fast loan decision

Allows fast fulfillment of consumer wishes
Document checking phase minimised

Maximum convenience

A simple process that allows you to apply for a loan from your sofa
Less hassle collating your personal documents

Digital Account Check - explained the easy way



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