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Fraud or not? That is the question

Online trade continues to boom - and so does business for fraudsters. In e-commerce, around three percent of cases of fraud occur every year. With the right measures, these cases can be brought to less than 0.6 percent.

Automated testing systems can already do a lot here. But: Not every suspicion is actually fraudulent. What if an order seems unduly questionable? Or if a credit card holder withdrawing his payment seems suspicious but has no fraudulent intent at all? In both cases, unnecessary inconsistencies arise, which burdens the relationship between the dealer and the customer.

We start where the systems reach their limits – with the many years of expertise of our fraud specialists, who take a close look at every case. In this way, we create clarity where question marks were previously used. And separate real fraud from alleged fraud cases - quickly, flexibly, with a high success rate and around the clock.

You take care of your business. We ensure the safety behind it.

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Manual Order Review

Categorise orders correctly and secure more sales

Chargeback Defense

Assess chargebacks correctly & protect revenue

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