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Online trade continues to boom - and so does business for fraudsters. In e-commerce, around three percent of cases of fraud occur every year. With the right measures, these cases can be brought to less than 0.6 percent.

Online trade continues to boom - and so does business for fraudsters. In order to combat fraud, most online merchants use automated fraud solutions.

Many of these a fraud engines do a fantastic job in filtering out risky orders. Yet not all questionable orders are indeed fraudulent. Finding the right balance and reducing both, false positives and false negatives is key.

Arvato Financial Solutions comes in where automated fraud engines reach their limits. With years’ of fraud review experience, we scan orders earmarked for further review - quickly and accurately. Our global 24/7 teams work tirelessly to accept as many orders as possible – while keeping fraud abbey.

You take care of your business. We ensure the safety behind it.

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