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Payment by Aqount: Access to the entire world of payment methods

Your customers get fresh meals delivered to their doorstep every week. They order clothes on account, watch TV in instalments, and pay for games by prepaid card. Travel offers are searched on the move and booked on a desktop. Subscriptions and contracts are concluded; instalment payments are agreed or e-payment is used for one-click payment. As diverse as the payment landscape is in the various industries, so are the underlying financial processes. But maintaining an overview at the same time costs time and resources.

Does this sound familiar?

These are the challenges that companies face:

  • Anyone wanting to optimize the check-out in e-commerce is confronted with a choice of over 450 payment methods worldwide
  • Every country has individual payment habits and preferences – each with different risk factors, different local laws, regulations, and data protection requirements
  • Maintaining and developing technical platforms takes a lot of work
  • New and innovative features and payment methods need to be implemented in addition to daily business
  • Lockdowns and peak seasons are moving business to the online world. Only those who scale quickly and offer a customer-friendly experience can open up new business areas

Payment service providers (PSPs) are therefore usually the first choice when it comes to integrating a selection of payment methods and handling processes. However, consolidating with a PSP or acquirer represents only a limited selection of payment methods and services.

With Aqount you have access to a large community of payment services. This includes all well-known PSPs, risk and fraud providers, acquirers, APMs, and receivables management. Using a technical interface, you can offer your customers an individual and diverse customer journey up to payment and beyond.

The heart of our payments: the Aqount Payment Gateway

With our proprietary gateway you have access to the wide world of payment methods. We are at your side to help you define the ideal payment methods for your target market and your desired customers. You can utilize the payment methods straight away with plug-and-play.

  • Simple connection of attractive and international online and mobile payment methods
  • Also on board: the classic offline options of purchases on account and instalment payments
  • Individual subscription models can be designed at any time
  • Lean and reliable processes
  • Fewer purchase cancellations and optimized conversion due to high process quality

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