Charging – the new fuel for electric vehicles


Charging is the new refueling. The number of electric vehicles is growing constantly. The first car manufacturers are announcing the official end of production for combustion engines. The new technologies are ready and waiting. From electric to hydrogen, we will soon make new choices when it comes to drive systems. As a result, infrastructure is changing. For instance, the shift to e-mobility is also transforming “fuel stations”. This not only affects the fuel itself but also where we refuel.

Charging infrastructure is expanding

The new network of charging infrastructure is continuously growing – not only in Germany but around the world.

So where will we refuel in future? One possibility is charging at home: mostly overnight or for several hours during the day.
However, initial experience shows that even time spent shopping or while parked in a parking facility can be used for charging.



The challenge: How to properly bill for charging services?

Thanks in part to the existing subsidies, more and more houses are being equipped with charging facilities. But in the case of apartment buildings, allocating costs is no simple matter.
What’s more, current pricing often comprises a fixed and variable component.

The solution

Registration, one app, one account
It sounds quite simple, but a certain level of complexity is typically involved in processing high volumes of transactions. We can offer all of this in a single system with our subscription solution.
From registration and billing, through to receivables management.


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