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Guru Pradhan - Data Science

Guru Pradhan has been working at Arvato Financial Solutions for six months. Coming from a consulting background, he works with data science in the Advanced Analytics team in Oslo, Norway.


Hi Guru! Can you describe your day-to-day work at Arvato?

My day involves working with different divisions within Arvato, such as the Legal Department in the Nordics. I work with my team on machine learning models that determine if specific cases should be sent for legal enforcement or not.Our work evolves around designing systems that give a “yes” or “no” answer to certain questions, and we also have a few other projects in the pipeline, such as fraud detection.

Guru, can you explain what makes your job special?

It's the combination of business and advanced math, and the latest and greatest technology. We use bits and pieces of that technology and try to bring it “down to earth” for practical use, so that it’s applicable to daily life and adds business value.

What did you study before you started working with the advanced analytics team?

My undergraduate degree is in electrical engineering, but I did a Masters degree in geospatial data so we focused on anything involving a map or satellite images. So my background is mostly in analysis of data and engineering.

Can you tell us something about what you're working on right now?

I'm working on the infrastructure part of machine learning: things like backup and disaster recovery. This is to make sure our deployment is healthy, and we ensure business continuity in case something goes wrong.

What would you tell a person who is interested in Arvato Financial Solutions as a company?

It's a company that's willing to push the boundaries in everything from data collection to setting up advanced machine learning algorithms. It also has a very fun and efficient staff! We use the latest technology to solve practical problems, so a lot of interesting and exciting work is going on here.

And what about your team?

The team is relatively small. It started with one person who was by himself for a year, now there’s four of us and we're hiring more people in 2021. It's fun, we’re tight and work very closely across Europe. Every day I am in touch with Finns, Estonians, Germans and Swedes. So it's quite international and my team is has interesting people with cool hobbies and experiences.

What would you say have been your most valuable experience joining Arvato?

So far, it’s building entire systems. And when we're working with practical cases you need to be aware of all the different pieces and policies. They include bu tare not limited to GDPR and regulations, laws, fees etc. It's challenging but rewarding having to consider the entire business chain to build a solution.

How would you describe the culture and the working environment?

The culture is very open and friendly. For example, if you are contacting someone over chat they are always quite warm and often respond with a smiley.

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Helena Löhr
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