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Paypal & Paigo CrossCollect

Smart & efficient debt collection across national borders


With its open digital payments platform, PayPal enables its 325 million active customers to connect and transact in new and powerful ways. PayPal creates better ways to manage and move money, offering choice and flexibility in sending payments, paying and getting paid. The PayPal platform is available in more than 200 markets worldwide. Consumers and merchants can receive money in more than 100 currencies, withdraw in 56 and manage funds in 25 on their PayPal account.

PayPal was faced with the challenge of balancing the decentralized approach of local receivables management with local expertise and the central coordination and management of all collection processes and mapping them transparently. With Paigo CrossCollect they get an innovative platform that enables both and makes worldwide receivables management easy again.

What Paypal says

As part of Arvato Financial Solutions, Paigo continues to stand for high quality and security standards. In addition, Paigo takes Customer Centricity one step further and supports us in strengthening customer relationships. We look forward to continue the agile collaboration with Paigo and further optimizing our processes.

Jonathan Savage, Vendor Partner Manager

    The challenges of PayPal in international debt collection

    Increase liquidity & cash flow

    For PayPal, outstanding receivables mean a lack of financial resources that cannot be invested in new projects, technological innovations or strategic partnerships. Paigo CrossCollect increases PayPal's recovery rates through smart, fair, individual and locally tailored collections in 13 countries.

    Reduce overdue customer accounts

    Customer accounts with overdue payments are unpleasant for all sides. Besides the additional administrative work for PayPal employees, they also cause frustration on the consumer side. Paigo CrossCollect provides a quick, mutually agreeable financial solution, resulting in happy customers who are happy to use PayPal services again.

    Reduce collection costs, expand local expertise

    Successful debt collection in 13 countries is time-consuming and requires a great deal of (local) expertise. The various market conditions and country-specific regulations must be taken into account both in communication and in systemic processing. The selection and management of external service providers is complex. PayPal benefits from our international partner network, presence and local know-how in all countries as well as automated processes for data exchange.

    Single Point of Contact for Analysis, Optimization & Roll-out

    PayPal has only one central point of contact for all its international debt collection needs. Using standardized and clear reports, our expert works with PayPal to analyze parameters such as response times and customer satisfaction in order to continuously review and improve processes in each country.

    PayPal's successes with Paigo CrossCollect

    Growing internationally. Together.

    We look back on a 15-year-long, trustful partnership with PayPal, in which we have grown internationally together, have penetrated new markets in co-creation and developed new features to optimize processes in international collections. Have a look:


    Think globally,
    Act locally

    PayPal is successfully using Paigo CrossCollect in these 13 countries.

    The rollout to further countries is already planned. These can be quickly and easily connected to our innovative and highly automated platform. Paigo CrossCollect is represented in 21 countries with its international network of own local collection companies and selected partners and supports PayPal in its internationalization.


      Reporting & Analyses

      With our Paigo CrossCollect Analytics Dashboard, Paypal has access to its data anytime, anywhere. Whether in the overall view or per country, the dashboard provides valuable insights into metrics such as the number of transferred receivables files, liquidation rates per month, recoveries in the respective local currency or the percentage of balanced customer accounts.

      Please note that the key figures shown are demo data.

      You want to make your international debt collection more efficient, like Paypal did?

      Save time and nerves for the time-consuming search for suitable collection service providers and their control. Like PayPal, benefit from digital and automated collection processes that are individually tailored to the needs and life situation of your customers and retain satisfied customers. We support you in all countries where you are at home. Let's get started now!

      Tanja Musolf

      Vice President International Key Account Management