Our corporate culture

Our Core Values

We dare to challenge ourselves and question how we do things. We proactively search for new solutions and we act upon opportunities we see. We encourage and inspire everyone to do more. We Dare!
We cooperate between functions and departments with a common focus, our clients. We trust and believe in each other and see that every individual is an important piece of the puzzle. We work together and by doing so we create client value as well as a great place to work. We Care!
We see the full picture and continuously strive to improve ourselves and our delivery. With the client in mind we spend our time on the value creating, sustainable activities. We do the right things and we do them right. We simplify!

Fun at work

In Arvato, it is important to celebrate successes, encourage each other with praise and of course help each other  when needed. To stimulate the team spirit, many activities are arranged, such as exercise races, after works, breakfast meetings, kickoffs, etc. It should simply be fun to come to work every day, but also to hang out with colleagues outside working hours.


Beach Volleyball

Team Projects

Digital Christmas Party

Uppsala office working out together

Kick off with outdoor activities

Management Panel

Kick off dinner

Pink Ribbon

Of course we will have a semla at Fettisdagen

Digital Afterwork with the team

Who came to work with the best Christmas sweater?

Celebrating reached goals with cheese and wine tasting after work

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Helena Löhr
Helena Löhr
HR Business Partner