What is Credit Risk Management?

Information and data are the basis of every business decision. Analysing and interpreting data with sophisticated techniques helps to assess opportunities and risks. In Credit Risk Management, this means distinguishing high-potential customers from non-solvent customers and identifying new opportunities.

From credit checks to the data-driven transformation of financial processes

Claims management in the insurance sector - with highly automated processes from a single source, you can accelerate claims processing, reduce claims costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Big data and advanced analytics hold enormous potential for more successful and efficient credit risk decisions. In order to be able to make such decisions, we assist your risk management holistically through our consulting services. Our philosophy is based on four success factors in order to achieve the best possible result for you: Analysis, data collection, credit management consultancy and technology.

Benefits of a holistic Credit Risk Management

Process optimisation along the entire customer journey


Every day you make decisions that impact the success of your business, be it on closing contracts or potential clients applying for loans. Through our services we support our customers in the credit decision-making process. We make credit risks calculable, hidden relationships visible, and processes more efficient. With Arvato Financial Solutions’ integrated Credit Risk Management you focus on your core business.

Identifying high-value customers

The targeted further development of high-potential customers enables you to maximise your business success.

educing payment defaults

A credit report enables you to make better business decisions by recognizing problematic customers already when registering new customers and, as a result, helps you increase liquidity.

Optimizing financial processes

By perfecting workflows along the entire customer journey through big data analytics, and successfully implementing predictive models of default probabilities and many other risks, you'll be the winner of the digital transformation.

Our solutions

Innovative, efficient, tailor-made


Our customers benefit from the unique combination of our in-depth experience in financial processes and our extensive expertise in big data analytics. Our extensive industry knowledge in the areas of e-commerce, telecommunications, utilities, banking, and digital business will help you make better decisions. We are able to provide tailored and highly integrated solutions for more accurate decision-making across the entire financial process chain. We consistently pursue a holistic approach to Credit Risk Management - not just as a credit rating agency, but as a strategic partner on the same level in terms of credit risk for our clients.

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