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Invoicing, Accounting & Payment:
Customized payment solutions and order to cash outsourcing

B2B Factoring by BFS finance:
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Debt Collection services.

Experience now, pay later.
AfterPay – the customer-friendly
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KYC network solutions:
cinfoni – customer information network intelligence

Achieve your business objectives - with data, advanced analytics, innovative decision-making platforms.

+++News: Log4Shell+++

Log4Shell: Task Force examines all systems for vulnerability


Following the initial disclosure of the critical vulnerability (Log4Shell) associated with the widely used Java library Log4j, Arvato Financial Solutions has set up a task force deal with this widespread risk situation.

According to the predefined process established for cases like these, immediate action was taken and all necessary measures were initiated. These include checking all IT structures within the company as well as the immediate system environment for possible vulnerabilities relating to this threat. For this purpose, external service providers were engaged to carry out independent checks and thus help to identify critical points. If any such vulnerabilities are detected, the systems will be patched, isolated or, if necessary, shut down immediately.
The current situation is receiving our full attention and has top priority. Both local units and cross-company facilities are receiving full support.




Let’s face it: finance is complicated...

That’s why at Arvato Financial Solutions, we are proud to be the backbone of your business.
With our portfolio of integrated solutions and dedicated product brands we are your trusted partner and guide you through the complex world of credit management, enabling you to focus on your core business - because this is what deserves your complete attention.

Across a wide range of industries from e-commerce and mobility to telecommunications and banking, our process-passionate experts share a common goal: to make sure your credit management runs effortlessly and efficiently, ultimately resulting in optimized financial performance.
So get ahead of the game by giving your business the best possible platform for growth with Arvato Financial Solutions.

Arvato Financial Solutions - Your backbone for growth.

Our product portfolio

Invoicing, Accounting & Payment

From the integration of suitable payment methods to flawless and secure invoice factoring to professional accountancy, global or local – Arvato Financial Solutions supports your business.

B2B Factoring

Factoring - Would you like to have more financing flexibility to finance your revenue growth, grant extended payment terms without suffering cash shortages, enjoy procurement benefits or expand your production?

Debt Collection Management

Rely on tailor-made solutions in receivables management.


All our partners have a brand and a story. And our mission is to extend and facilitate your story, not to compete or be the main actor in it. We believe in partnership and true collaboration.
Let’s face it, no one wakes up in the morning with the desire to complete payments. We’d rather explore and experience the day ahead. During that day, enjoyable shopping is something that many people wish for. And payment is – for a fact – an essential part of that shopping experience. We are there to make consumers feel more secure, we generate trust and we give consumers a new way to manage their finances. We are a new touchpoint for your customers, all the way to post-purchase and loyalty.
That’s our role in your story.

Credit Risk & Fraud Management

Experian and Arvato Financial Solutions Risk Management join forces in a new partnership. We already provide our clients the right risk management, fraud and data solutions.
Now we’re adding another powerful player to the team.
We’re joining forces with the global data leader Experian to help you unlock even more opportunities and redefine what’s possible for your business.

KYC network solutions

As a global KYC expert, cinfoni creates and transmits uniquely verified customer data worldwide and brings it in line with regulatory requirements. With the clear aim of making international finance sustainably secure and supporting it in curbing the financing of terrorism and money laundering.
cinfoni enables companies to reduce costs, achieve full transparency and conclude banking transactions more quickly.
Banks benefit from massive cost savings, increased data quality, compliance with regulatory requirements and risk minimisation.

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Liquidity & Cashflow

Liquidity & Cashflow

Securing liquidity for your business success


Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Optimize your order-to-cash process


Machine Learning & Data Science

Machine Learning & Data Science

Ready to harness the drivers of innovation?


Mobility & Sharing Economy

Mobility & Sharing Economy

Use or Own? That is the question here!


Customer Journey

Customer Journey

Increasing business success with an optimized Customer Journey


People & Culture

People & Culture

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Corona Pandemic - we're here for you

Especially in these special times, we believe that the greatest possible stability is essential in all our business activities, but it is also the greatest challenge. That's why we do our best every day to support you with our financial services so that you can concentrate fully on your core business.

You will find our specific insights and findings on the effects of the Corona pandemic on this page.

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Diversity at Arvato Financial Solutions

Diversity is not just a social reality. It is an opportunity and a key to a company's success. Because everything that makes us different from one another - whether origin, age, gender, sexual orientation and identity, mental and physical abilities, religious beliefs or ideology - becomes unimportant when people pursue a common goal. Moreover, diversity awakens potential, reveals other perspectives, creates new solutions to challenges, and allows us to recognize and learn about new things.

That's why it's a natural part of our work to ensure a working atmosphere that demonstrates diversity, tolerance, openness, and respect for all our colleagues.

For our commitment and activities we also received the PrideChampion certification in gold from the UHLALA Group.

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