Valuable in every respect

Arvato Financial Solutions is synonymous with professional outsourcing services (Finance BPO) centering on cash flow in all phases of the customer lifecycle – from risk management and invoicing to debtor management, the sale of receivables and debt collection. As part of this, we focus on minimizing default rates in the business initiation phase and during the collection process. As a result, our services also include optimizing the selection of payment types internationally.

As a financial solutions provider, we manage around 10,000 customers, specializing primarily in the retail/e-commerce, telecommunications, insurance, banking and healthcare sectors. This makes us Europe’s third largest integrated financial service provider. Your one stop shop for financial services. Professional. Reliable. Efficient.

How can you boost sales without increasing risk?

Our risk management solutions help you to manage credit risk and prevent fraud while ensuring a customer-friendly experience that boosts customer value.

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How can you make ordering more convenient for your customers?

With appropriate and integrated payment processes worldwide.
Arvato Financial Solutions provides your customers with a stellar experience across all financial touchpoints.

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How can you provide a convenient omnichannel shopping experience?

With riskless yet consumer-friendly payment processes that ensure your cash flow. Our invoice and financial solutions streamline all financial aspects of ordering - freeing you to concentrate on your customer relationsships.

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How can you handle growth with minimizing your bad debt exposure?

By accelerating recoveries and retaining valuable customers. Our collection solutions ensure a smooth and professional settlement process for consumers - so you can ensure liquidity without jeopardizing your customer relationships.

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