We are one of the most LGBTIQ+ friendly companies in Germany

Arvato Financial Solutions
14.12.2021 | 3min
We are one of the most LGBTIQ+ friendly companies in Germany

The PRIDE Index

According to the UHLALA Group, it is one of Germany’s leading LGBTIQ+ companies and is committed to networking, training and promoting LGBTIQ+ people in the world of work. Every year, it awards companies for their commitment and includes them in the PRIDE Index. However, to be considered for this index, interested companies must first complete a questionnaire developed by the UHLALA Group. If the companies achieve at least a good result in the examination by the UHLALA Group, they are listed in the index.

Besides us, almost 150 companies have registered for the index this year. Despite the large number of participating companies, we were able to come out on top with ourcommitment to the concerns of LGBTIQ+ employees and gained a place in the top 10.

Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Representative says:

"We are proud of our top ranking in this year's PRIDE Index. The index confirms our actions and shows that we at Arvato Financial Solutions have already been able to achieve a lot for the queer community. We will continue to put our heart and soul into promoting diversity and valuing LGBTIQ+ employees."

Michael Wagner

Not only our Diversity Team, but also our CEO Jan Altersten is excited about the placement:

"Diversity, equity and inclusion have for a long time been a naturally embedded priority at Arvato Financial Solutions. I am therefore very happy that our commitment to LGBTIQ+ employees is recognized by our ranking in the PRIDE Index. This encourages us to continue to work towards an open and tolerant corporate culture in which everyone is valued on the same terms, regardless of their sexual orientation and identity."

Jan Altersten

In the coming year, the Diversity Team will continue to strengthen its commitment to diversity at Arvato Financial Solutions and hopes to once again be listed among the top 10 most LGBTIQ+ friendly companies in the PRIDE Index.