For more gender equality in the tech & data

Tamara Schwenk
11.02.2022 | 4 minutes

Taking the leap into the tech & data world

Let's start with Rachel Pinto. She joined Arvato Financial Solutions last May as an IT trainee and thus has jumped into the Tech & Data world right after graduation.

As a woman just starting her career, what importance does the of International Women and Girls Science Day have for you? 

Rachel: I think it's very important that there is a day like this. It shows the next generation and especially younger girls that their future is not determined by the fact that some career fields are declared as women's professions. I think it's important to use this day to emphasize that there is also a place for women in technology and, most importantly, that there are role models for them to follow.

For Katre Vahtra, Managing Director at Arvato Financial Solutions Tech Center Tallinn, this day also has a special meaning. 

Katre: Since I began my journey in Tech & Data six years ago, I have been able to observe that more and more women are finding their way into technical career fields. At the same time, it is difficult to ignore the fact that the male fraction still strongly dominates. Working in the tech industry is not just about writing code or being a technically inclined person. There are many other ways you can contribute in IT. And that's something we need to highlight on days like this.

Their enthusiasm for tech & data

Embarking on a career in tech & data can have many origins. For Rachel, however, there are two key reasons why she was eager to get started in IT.

Rachel: The first reason is necessity. We live in a time where everything we do involves technology. We use it every day, so we should know and understand what's behind it. And secondly, technology is very future-oriented. I think there is a broad horizon ahead of us in Tech & Data. There are no limits, and we have the opportunity to actively shape where the tech journey is heading. 

In contrast, Zehra Altinbas, an office management apprentice at Arvato Financial Solutions, has realized apart from her enthusiasm for challenges, how rewarding working in the tech field can be.

Zehra: Dealing with tricky problems while helping other people is what excites me about the tech industry. It can simply mean restoring the VPN connection or just installing new programs. What some consider as standard knowledge can be very challenging for others who haven't had much to do with technology before. These may only seem like little things, but I wouldn't trade the gratitude you get back for anything in the world.

Tech & data world at Arvato Financial Solutions

Especially for young professionals who have yet to find their way, it is important to have an employer by their side who supports them in pursuing their own interests. In Zehra's case, it was a special situation, as she first realized in the midst of her training that her heart actually beats for technology.  

Zehra: After working in the call-center, it was clear to me that I wanted to learn more about the technical background. Although an internship in production control is not typically part of my training, my supervisor made it possible for me to gain some firsthand experience in the technical department. I'm really grateful for that, because I quickly realized that I'd like to pursue a career in Tech.

As a trainee, Rachel is also exploring different IT departments to find out where her professional journey will go after the traineeship. 

Rachel: As a trainee at Arvato Financial Solutions, you have the opportunity to look into any area you want. My mentors help me figure out what I'm good at and in what fields I can still grow. They support me in going my own way, always invite me to try new things and head in new directions.

Their tips for you

For those of you who are now considering getting into Tech & Data as well, here are a few tips from our female colleagues:

Rachel: I think as women, sometimes we tend to be afraid of not knowing something. At least that's what I've experienced in the past. So, my tip is simply, don't be afraid. If we don't know something, that's totally fine. We are not expected to know everything.

Katre: If you are one of those people who likes to learn new things and wants to be part of innovations, the future and new solutions, then tech is the way to go. Try it out and don't be afraid. Tech & Data has many facets. And you too will find your place.

Zehra: I encourage everyone to pursue their own dreams. If you're not quite sure, you always have the option of doing an internship. This will give you a better impression of whether tech could be something for you.


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