Bank Account Validation

Avoid return-debits thanks to bank account validation

How to check bank accounts and prevent payment default

What is a return-debit?

Direct debit continues to be one of the most popular payment methods in Germany. For customers, it makes the payment process a walk in the park. But there are risks for merchants. Often, a bank account has insufficient funds for the payment or an account number is entered incorrectly. Fraud with falisified account details is also not uncommon. Here, criminals submit orders online using publicly accessible account information. All these cases lead to problems for merchants – in the form of return-debits or payment defaults.

It is therefore important for companies to prevent these payment defaults. To do so, they need to check and validate their customers' account details and ensure that no return-debits occurred in the past. This is a highly complex task. This is where the bank account validation by our return-debit prevention pool can help.


Why does my company need bank account validation?

Bank Account Validation allows you to see whether return-debits previously occurred for an account and thereby avoid payment defaults. Moreover, you reduce the risk of return-debits due to incorrect account details.


Where can return-debits be avoided?

The danger of return-debits exists in all industries. However, by far the most cases transpire in e-commerce. But the risk is also increased in banking, especially in connection with loans. Likewise, there are frequently return-debits with telecommunications contracts or insurance contracts. Arvato Financial Solutions offers special solutions for all these sectors.


How our return-debit prevention pool works

Bank Account Validation:

Thanks to the return-debit prevention pool (RPP) from Arvato Financial Solutions, you can easily check your customers' account numbers for plausibility. Simply verify your customers' IBANs and BICs via our data pool as well as the combination of account number and bank sort code. 


Bank Account Check:

Find out easily whether there is a known return-debit for a customer's account. Every week, we receive thousands of datasets on new return-debits in Germany, which we reconcile with your customer's data for you.


Non-Consumer Account Check:

In our data pool you can find information on public bank accounts, including charitable organizations, authorities, associations and other public institutions. This helps you to prevent misuse of this account data.

Why Bank Account Validation pays off

Our return-debit prevention pool has many advantages for your business:


  • You can see whether a customer has correctly entered their bank data: Easily verify the validity of account data and perform a plausibility check for the bank account.
  • Have return-debits repeatedly occurred with an account? We help you identify such cases.
  • Check your customers' bank data in real time. This way, you can also meet your customers' expectations: customers frequently abandon purchases online if the browser displays a waiting image for too long during the payment process. You can therefore avoid decreasing conversion rates.
  • Our data pool contains a range of information on bank accounts. As a result, you can reduce the risk of return-debits.
  • Our data pool allows you to solve complex processes in your company with ease. You also save costs and have time to focus on your core business.


News from Risk Management

Experian and Arvato Financial Solutions Risk Management join forces in a new partnership to add speed, scale and innovation to companies. 

Why Arvato Financial Solutions offers the best solution for your company

Unique data pool

Benefit from an exclusive set of non-consumer accounts in the validation process.

One-time combination

We enable you to easily combine the return-debit prevention pool with our other databases and services.

Improved results

With us, you have greater selectivity when assessing bank accounts.

High flexibility

Thanks to the modularity, you can use our services according to your needs.

Technical integration of Bank Account Validation made easy

What technical requirements do I need to meet to integrate Bank Account Validation in my company?

Our Bank Account Validation is available via our usual interfaces – either as part of a complete solution or as a stand-alone solution. You don't need to fulfill any specific requirements to use the service.


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