Accounts Receivable Management

What's the benefit of outsourcing my accounting?

Growth of core business

The more your national and international business grows, the more complex your accounts receivable management becomes. We help with the emerging challenges. More orders? We focus on processing mass B2C transactions and handle your accounts receivable management with all the relevant payment processes. More countries and currencies? We operate internationally and support you in entering new markets. With us, you'll have everything you need to scale your business easily.

Optimization of personnel planning

Don't worry about staffing up, onboarding and downsizing due to peaks like Black Friday and Christmas. With us, you avoid time-consuming accounting processes and can spend your resources on other projects. AQOUNT O2C Accounts Receivable Management takes over the complete processing of your data and the associated manual processes - such as the handling of returned debit notes and chargebacks or manual payment allocation.  

Agility thanks to continuous development

Accounting often involves huge IT systems with numerous customer sub-ledgers, complicated processes and detailed IT solutions. Minor changes can cause significant disruption, time delays and also block other business development needs due to scarce resources in IT. With AQOUNT O2C OS, we offer you our 'Golden Client' - a pre-configured SAP client. In a few weeks, it can be set up in such a way that it meets your individual needs within the framework of the pre-configured features. In addition, the Golden Client offers you a range of functionalities that you may not need yet, but which can be easily added in the future at short notice and without time-consuming development projects.  

High flexibility 

Are you very creative and do you have many ideas for new business models? The payment and accounting processes should not come in the way. Our clients benefit from the numerous business models that we already support with AQOUNT O2C Accounts Receivable Management, as well as our great flexibility in the development of new functions and features.

This is what the AQOUNT O2C accounts receivable management is good at

Define chart of accounts

AQOUNT O2C comes with many accounting logics for diverse business models in e-commerce. Do you have existing charts of accounts that you would like to keep? No worries. At implementation, we map our accounts with yours so you can keep your existing account structure.

Optimized design for invoice forms (or templates)

Eliminate the number of unclassifiable incoming payments. We will help you to ensure that your invoice forms are optimally designed so that it is easier for your customers to provide the correct information when making a bank transfer. This significantly increases the automated payment allocation rate. If, however, there are transfers that cannot be assigned, our team of experts will take care of the research and the correct payment assignment.

Set posting rules

If a customer has to be paid out due to returns or overpayments, we will define the rules for debit-side payouts in close cooperation with you. You define with AQOUNT O2C from which amount and under which conditions the balance will be paid out. We always keep an eye on the GOB (principles of proper accounting) and ensure the quality of our work by being regularly certified according to ISO 27001 and the auditing standard ISAE 3402.


It happens, of course, that your customers forget to pay their bills. This can lead to return debit notes or chargebacks for credit cards, e.g. due to a lack of funds. This is where our dunning system comes in and can be optimally adapted to your requirements. Starting with a relatively simple, three-stage dunning procedure, we offer a customer-group-specific dunning process, right through to our "Agile Dunning" approach, in which we use AI (artificial intelligence) applications to evaluate your customers' life situations and tailor the dunning process to meet the specific needs of each individual customer. If your customers still don't pay, AQOUNT O2C has interfaces to debt collection agencies. Your invoices will be sent to the collection agency automatically. All payments that the collection agency collects are also booked in a fully automated way via the return path of the interface, so that the complex booking of collection settlements is no longer necessary.

Get full transparency on your receivables portfolio

You can monitor all receivables, including the dunning process and the transfer to collection. With the help of our reporting portal based on Microsoft PowerBI, you gain full transparency over your receivables portfolio. In the reporting portal, you will get the most important reports for your month-end closing in the general ledger, such as the individual operating statements, a list of totals and balances, as well as a receivables structure report that shows the receivables' overdue items and dunning states. In addition, you have access to a huge pool of reports. Our shared service principle gives you access to all reports that we have developed for other customers on AQOUNT O2C. If there are additional reports that you need for your business, they can be quickly created via Power BI.


You are in good hands with your accounts receivable management. AQOUNT O2C OS is certified according to ISO 27001 and the auditing standard ISAE 3202. This reduces the auditor's workload for you and meets the compliance requirements of investors and shareholders.

The MyAQOUNT self-service portal for customer service

The requests of your customers often include questions that have to do with the current invoices. That's why your customer service team needs to be up to date on open items and payment history. Thanks to web-based access to customer accounts, your service staff can view your customers' accounts at any time, generate copies of invoices, place stops on reminders, and even create credit items in line with the rights and roles concept. Your customer service agents do not need to have any basic commercial training. MyAQOUNT was first developed together with our customers and stands out due to its simple and intuitive handling.

Why you should manage your accounts receivable with AQOUNT O2C OS

  • AQOUNT O2C OS covers not only accounts receivable management, but the entire order-to-cash chain. This also includes risk management, all payment processes and debt collection activities.
  • AQOUNT O2C OS makes complex easy. We offer you the technical interface to a wide range of providers. Furthermore, you can benefit from our service contracts with providers in the specific O2C processes, e.g. fraud management and payment processing.
  • Let's get started right away. With our Webshop, Subscription and Marketplace bundles, we have preconfigured and bundled different requirements for specific business models.

We are open to individual requests! For example, in the case of new business models, booking logics, partnerships and their integration, an customized solution can be worked out together using AQOUNT O2C Innovation.


You will find an overview of the business models that we have already successfully standardized here:

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Michael Rogge
Michael Rogge
Director Sales Payment & Accounting

What is accounts receivable management?

Accounts receivable management takes on an important role when receivables arise through purchasing. It involves an accounting mapping of business processes between end customers and merchants. It guarantees that important deadlines are kept in mind and that customers are reminded of any outstanding payments. After all, if payment of outstanding receivables is delayed, the company's overall liquidity can suffer. Thus, financial risks can be minimized in the long term through efficient accounts receivable management.