Subscription and recurring payments

Subscription and recurring payments are becoming increasingly more popular and...

Subscription and recurring payments

Subscription and recurring payments are quite often used as synonyms, meaning the same thing, but the fact is that there is a difference. A subscription is usually considered to be goods or services sold on a set schedule, for example on a monthly basis. A recurring payment is however more flexible, although not a one-time transaction, for example when refilling your public transport card on an irregular basis depending on how long the amount you paid is sufficient until you need to top up.

However, the convenience for consumers and companies is apparent and at Arvato we are helping an increasing number of businesses to offer subscription payments and recurring payments to their customers.


Why you will benefit from using this product

For consumers, the convenience and simplicity are highly appreciated, but for companies, there are obvious benefits as well: less administration and satisfied customers are staying longer and hence become more profitable. By offering a contemporary and increasingly popular payment method, you will be perceived as modern and up-to-date.

At Arvato, we are always striving at offering you the very best billing solution for your business, and hence we offer and tailor many different solutions on subscriptions and recurring payments, but these are the most common alternatives today:


Subscriptions on for example media or information services, where the subscribers pay their invoice on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis, depending on the agreement

Recurring payments

Recurring payments, on for example public transport or other goods or services consumed on a regular but not fixed basis, where the customers pay their invoice after the consumption has occurred

Fallback solutions

Fallback solutions connected to subscriptions and recurring payments, for example if you offer similar services today but with card payments as default, where Arvato can offer a powerful fallback alternative and issue invoices to all consumers where the preregistered card is bouncing or has expired

More detailed description

Arvato's services for subscriptions and recurring payments are offered as an administrative or a financial solution for companies that apply subscription or recurring payment agreements with their customers.

  • With our subscription service, we take over the entire subscription agreement administration: we carry out the invoicing, monitor the transaction and we send reminders if required.
  • We may also provide collection services if this is needed.
  • We offer different financing models, such as purchase of all or part of the invoices immediately when the agreement is concluded or ongoing on each notice.
  • We can also tailor services for subscriptions and recurring payments depending on industry and line of business.

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