Address Verification

Increase your delivery rates

Do you need to know if your customer is actually based at the specified address? Achieve the greatest possible security and save costs using optimal address management. Increase your delivery rates and avoid payment defaults by checking your customers' and business partners' addresses to ensure that they can receive deliveries.

Address verification of the future

Smart, quick, seamless

Reliable consumer credit checking is indispensable for many industries such as e-commerce or telecommunications. Customers want to use the payment methods they prefer, such as open invoice, but a business only wants to offer this if the risk of a payment default or delivery return is not too high. In order to assess this risk optimally, the user’s details must be verified. This also includes the digital verification of the address provided by the consumer. In this case, the relevant address is checked against the database of a service provider. The result of the verification process will inform the shop operator via our API whether the person or household in question are known at the given address. To guarantee a seamless customer journey, the address verification solution runs quickly, simply, without any media break and without additional effort to the consumer - very much in line with ensuring an optimal conversion rate for a shop operator.

In order to meet the different needs of various clients and industries, Arvato Financial Solutions offers several address verification products, ranging from the base product to the premium product Digital Identity Check.

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