A 360° view of your customers’ identity helps you reduce cost related to fraud, identity theft and incorrect data.

Identity Verification & Authentication

What is identity verification and authentication?

Today, identity is no longer simply linked to a first and a last name. It is a much more complex issue.

Knowing whether your customer’s data is correct is of utmost importance for companies, especially when doing digital business. After all, you don’t get to look your customer in the eye. All you have are accounts with data entered by your customers. But is the entered data correct?

Are your customers who they pretend to be?

Our innovative solutions for address management and bank account validation improve the quality of your data and avoid unnecessary costs related to returns, payment defaults or even fraud.

But a modern and comprehensive identity management doesn’t stop here. Identity theft is a problem both for online shops and end users, albeit one that can be prevented. Customers leave a unique digital footprint with their online activity that can help you authenticate and instantly recognise legitimate customers. Both, returning and first-time users can be welcomed with open arms.

Reduce fraud losses

Discovering false identities and false information will help you differentiate between fraudulent and legitimate data and activity.

Privacy enhancement

Prevent identity theft by controlling who has access to your users’ attributes, securing personal data and managing transactions.

Minimise costs related to incorrect customer

Reduce your costs for returns and payment defaults through address and bank account data verification.

Frictionless customer experience

Minimise friction in your customer authentication, registration and check-out processes and enhance online experience

Our solutions

A 360° view of your customers‘ identity

The use of false data, whether willingly or unwillingly, can occur in many different ways. We have a holistic view of identity and are therefore able to offer solutions that help you identify your customers, protect their personal data and improve the quality of your databases.

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