Credify.at expands product range in the Austrian market

With the Consumer Credit Report - CCR for short - Credify.at is now launching a new tool on the Austrian market that provides a modern way of credit assessment to clients.

Vienna, 28 March 2019 – With the Consumer Credit Report - CCR for short - Credify.at is now launching a new tool on the Austrian market that provides a modern way of credit assessment to clients.

With the CCR, the information service provider combines its solutions for personal identification and address verification with a credit check and scoring solution, allowing consumers to make a faster and more secure purchase process and companies to identify possible payment defaults at an early stage. The CCR differs from other credit checks in particular in its ISO 27001 IT security certification, full compliance with all data protection regulations in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation, defined deletion periods in accordance with German regulations, fast response times of around 350 milliseconds and 24-hour support desk.

"The new tool is the result of our ambitious development in the area of advanced analytics and raises identification, address verification and credit checks for our clients to a new level," says Sepp Puwein-Borkowski, Managing Director of Credify.at. The Consumer Credit Report is building upon various product packages. Each product contains an address validation module working parallel to the purchase process. It checks the existence of the address given by the customer, who is in the process of purchasing an item online or concluding a contract.

The CCR is the most comprehensive product package of Credify.at and will be introduced at the end of March. It combines address validation and insolvency check and is supplemented by additional credit scoring, thus maximizing customer acceptance rates and reducing the default risk accordingly.

Credify.at obtains the data from various sources and evaluates them using intelligent evaluation algorithms, while always complying with all data protection regulations (EU-GDPR). Credify.at guarantees a high hit rate and data quality through versatile data information sources and sophisticated search and check routines. As part of Arvato Financial Solutions, Credify.at also has the expertise and resources to analyse existing data to prevent fraud.

The Consumer Credit Report was developed with the help of a professional Advanced Analytics team at Arvato Financial Solutions. It is IT security certified and has a data evaluation adapted to the complex Austrian address structure. Credify.at's new identity and credit check thus enables consumers to make faster and more secure purchases and increases the probability of successful incoming payments for clients.


About Credify.at

Credify.at is the new player on the Austrian credit information market offering identification and creditworthiness information from private individuals (B2C). Credify Informationsdienstleistungen GmbH is a subsidiary of Bertelsmann Austria. Credify.at stands for a modern, efficient information model, which provides proven, high-performance technology for a business world with ever increasing requirements. Credify's target clients are all industries that have a credit risk in goods or financial services, such as e-commerce, fintech, telecommunications, retail, media, factoring, banking and insurance. The Credify.at team around Albert Berger consists of experts with years of experience in the information industry.


About Arvato Financial Solutions

Arvato Financial Solutions provides professional financial services to renowned international brands as well as respected local businesses — allowing them to leave their credit management to a professional, so they can focus on what matters most for their business.

The services center around cash flow in all segments of the customer lifecycle: from identity, fraud and credit risk management, to payment and financing services and debt collection.

The Arvato Financial Solutions team is made up of proven and reliable experts in around 20 countries, including 7,500 IT, analytics, process and legal specialists, dedicated to revealing the advantages of predictive analytics, leading-edge platforms and big data.

All employees are aligned by a common goal: to make sure client’s credit management runs effortlessly and efficiently, ultimately resulting in optimized financial performance.


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